Change of Season, Change of Furniture

Dear Reader,

Ever since graduating from college, I’ve found myself having a hard time getting back to making art for myself, or in a non-assignment capacity.  So much so, that now, I feel a heavy weight on my chest, a constant tremble in my hands, and too many thoughts racing through my mind, throwing a mad whirl of images, sayings, phrases and feelings around in the Pyrex bowl that is my head.

It’s confusing and infuriating how I don’t give myself the time or inclination to express myself in the way that I feel most comfortable (and THAT is even uncomfortable for me sometimes).  Throw in the fact that my apartment doesn’t really scream extra space, something just had to give.

So a simple solution finally came about…sacrifice my old Sauder desk for easel space.  The desk is topped with a green pen holder, a small Sterilite drawer stuffed with repeatedly forgotten Post-it packs, sharpeners and tubes of lip balm.  The one sunny part is Fernando, my small houseplant that sits in the corner, though even he’s starting to dry and crinkle.

Povre Fernando!

Povre Fernando!

It’s no longer the work place for studying and writing papers; it’s become an eye sore and purgatory of knick-knacks.

I’ll admit, I’m using it now to hold the laptop that I’m clicking away on, but really I know that I could move my computer to anywhere else and manage just fine – you know, the whole point of having a PORTABLE COMPUTER.

So it’s time.  The desk goes, the easel will move in.

Not to the dumpster, mind you; it’s still a good desk.  Luckily my roommate’s little brother has a frat room to furnish and this baby will eventually set up shop in Lincoln.  Even though I know that New Life Thrift would take the thing (Goodwill is slowly starting to overprice their used items, so all my gently used’s end up there instead), I would like to see it go to someone I know will actually use the thing.  (Plus maybe get a free lunch out of her brother for partial delivery SSSHH!)

Hopefully this will take place this weekend, and my oldie but goodie easel can have a permanent home, fully set up and waiting for my next project.  Don’t get me wrong, my roommates are completely fine with me setting up in the living room, where the majority of space is, but it’s the living room.  Where living happens.  And TV.  We watch a lot of TV. And have two cats.  It’s no bueno.

I’m excited, too!  Tomorrow there’s no work to begrudgingly go to, so it’ll be spent at the gym in the morning and organizing the clutter that is my desk, that afternoon.  Wish me luck!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Soooo, couldn’t wait until the weekend to move things around, so my desk is currently in large pieces ready to go, and I’ve started creating my little slice of paradise.

A Little Slice

I still need an old rug or tarp for the carpet, and de-cluttering and new storage are still in the works, but it’s a start, and it’s mine.  I’m super excited!  Robert and Tom seem excited as well in their own smoldering way.  (Hint: my two pictures on the wall.)  Oh, and Lucy Cat approves as well, although she refused to give up the computer chair for now.  I’m currently sitting on the floor while she naps. #onlyacatladywould

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