Betterment of Self Challenge: Day 10

Dear Readers,

It’s Day 10 of my fitness and health challenge that I put upon myself, I can see results!  My energy levels are rising, by attitude about myself and the world around me are improving and that all just means a happier Nisha.  I have a more go-get-’em attitude, and I’m trying to push myself out there, which is scary as hell I think we can all agree.  I’m getting back into the swing of things with my art, planning out sketches for paintings or charcoal pieces in the future.  I bought a new storage shelf for my room so that I can actual store my supplies in a reachable location.  Yay!  My little corner studio is almost where I want it to be, but definitely in a workable state now.  I’m excited!

On a side note, if you have old gift wrap paper or *ahem* acquire large rolls of brown paper at some point in your life, I would suggest lining your walls with it in your own studio space.  Not only will that keep paints and other medias from getting on your walls (landlords can be a bit touchy with that), but you can doodle and write all over it in case tiny moments or inspiration hit you.

Anyways, back on track now….

I’d like to address an issue though that may plague many others, and definitely almost got the better of me through these 10 days, and that is motivation to keep going.  Mental flash of every annoying fitness quote on Pinterest aside, there are a few tips that I can found that help get around that groggy I-just-want-to-stay-in-my-pajamas feeling day in and day out.

Tip #1: Always dress for a workout right away, no matter if you decide to actually go or not.  I feel that once I’ve fought my way into my high impact sports bra and tracked down a T-shirt and jogging shorts, I’m a little more inclined to make the most of my ensemble.  Once dressed then ask yourself yea or nay.

Tip #2: Have a plan B if the gym just seems too far away.  In my case, that means breaking out the XBox Kinect Zumba Fitness game that my roommate so graciously lets me use.  I can get my workout in anywhere from a twenty minute short class, to an hour long long class and I don’t have to actually track down keys to the car.  Plus, I find that it’s fun, gives the classroom mentality without the stress of other classmates, and you sweat A LOT without getting overly winded.  Every time I play I flashback to an old aerobics teacher of mine who kept scolding us for having tight hip flexers; zumba helps loosen them up, rightly!  But warning, give yourself plenty of dance room; no need to shatter that glass top coffee table while doing the salsa.

Tip #3: Drink plenty of water.  I’ve recently discovered that my glass drinking cups hold roughly two cups of water when filled to the brim.  I down one of those first thing in the morning, and it helps boost my energy and mood.  I never realized how dehydrated one gets just sleeping!  I strive for getting down four such glasses throughout the day, sometimes reaching beyond.  But I know that not everyone can physically do this right away; I’m just a horse and drink a lot of liquids naturally.  Build up the tolerance, and the colder the better!

Anothing thing I’d like to add is how much my mind clears when I’m just focusing on breathing and getting my poor excuse of coordination down to the beat.  It’s a few minutes that I don’t worry about what needs done this day, week or month.  I don’t stress over people drama or bills and such.  I make mini-goals beginning and ending with the song playing on my iPod and focus on breathing.  Yes, oxygen gooooooddd….

Lastly, here’s a video of Tom Hiddleston preparing for his Coriolanus performances at the Donmar Warehouse.  If that doesn’t brighten one’s mood, I don’t know what will!  (Note that he’s in pretty damn good shape and he still gets winded.  You will get winded!  The character building part depends on you to keep going!)


Love to all,


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One Response to Betterment of Self Challenge: Day 10

  1. You had me at “high impact sports bra.”

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