Art & World Cup Bandwagon-Jumping

Dear Readers,

First off, hello!  I’ve missed you all!  I’ve left comments here and there for some, but unfortunately not all.  So so sorry.  My new Big Girl Job takes up a lot of energy and I just plop into bed some nights, not to be woken again until the next morning.  I’ll get this acclimated soon, I swear!

In the midst of all that, I’ve been a good patriotic girl and have been following our U.S. team in the World Cup tournaments.  Actually watching games and all that!  Granted, I don’t know a lot about soccer, nor would anyone I know ever perceive me as a sports fan, so you can say I’ve been caught up in the World Cup storm.  I’m a bandwagon-jumper, I’ll totally admit it.  But there is a sort of drama to the games that’s appealing; a ninety-minute battle, country versus country filled with rapid footwork, quick wits and pulled hamstrings.  Oh, and don’t forget the yellow cards.  I’m half impressed because below the waist I’m as uncoordinated as they come, so the concept of confidently guiding a ball on a field of green with not much more than your feet is just mind-boggling to me.

But not to get too sucked into the sports side, I’ve found that the high-def images provided by FIFA provide ample art models to the average artist.  Here, let me show you…

Goalkeeper Tim Howard

    Goalkeeper Tim Howard

Jermaine Jones victory face!

Jermaine Jones victory face!

Anyone who has taken a Life Drawing class will tell you there’s not really a way for a model to hold poses like Mr. Howard or Mr. Jones above for a prolonged period of time.  So these angles and stances are a nice treat to those artists looking for more action-packed models.  (Graphic art panel artists?  Yes?)

Notice also, there’s enormous waves of emotion during these games, and the players never fail to deliver.  You can just see in their faces the progression of emotions.

Whether blood-thirsty victory….

I am Dempsey!  Hear me roar!

I am Dempsey! Hear me roar!

Or exhausted desperation.

That's my ball, Jack!

That’s my ball, Jack!

This just makes me chuckle.  Povre Christiano.

Heehee.  Sad Ronaldo.

Heehee. Sad Ronaldo.

Face studies, anyone?

In short, I’m that lame sod off in the corner, enjoying what little I know of the game and thinking, “Man, I wish I could capture that moment on canvas.”  Maybe start with pouty-puff Ronaldo up there.

So all my non-sports fan artsy-fartsy pals out there, don’t forget to turn your artistic eye towards the World Cup this summer.  It’s an untapped reservoir.

It’ll make Coach Klinsmann happy…

And we like him when he's happy.

And we like him when he’s happy.

Olé olé!




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4 Responses to Art & World Cup Bandwagon-Jumping

  1. Ah, thank you for helping me see art in sports. It gets too swirled around in testosterone vs. anti-establishment arguments here. I tend to avoid any conversation on the subject due to stressed-inducing memories.

  2. Hi Nisha! Just stumbled across you from a comment on 7 Year Late. Loving your blog. Have you seen this? Ignore the video, just skip straight to the arm-folding. There’s some portraits for you! 😉

  3. …aaand here’s the missing s from “Years”. s.

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