Betterment of Self Challenge: You, Me and the Common Cold

Dear Readers,

One thing that I’ve encountered and had to battle is the terrible summer cold. At first I thought it was just an onslaught of allergies from the weather changes, but more and more symptoms pointed to something more diabolical.  Like finding it physically painful to just stand, breathe or just exist.

Forget about it!

Good news, it was only a four-day week so work was done by Thursday.  Bad news, Friday was to pick up my best friend, Mandy, from the airport.  She flew in from the Lone Star state to visit/find a bridesmaid dress for our mutual friend’s upcoming wedding…well damn.

Luckily, she was exhausted herself (I’m a bad friend).  Working a 12-hour shift at a hospital then flying straightaway to Nebraska will do that to a person.  (If you’re reading this, Missy, thank you again for flying up!)  We ate, we laughed, we helped each other figure out how to put on strappy dresses.  By the way, we all look fabulous.  Mission.  Accomplished.

In the midst of our fun I did manage to make it to the gym Saturday morning, cold or no cold.  We were going to be too busy the rest of the weekend so it was do or die! (Preferably the first option, though.).  I felt much better afterwards; I think the required even breathing and elevated heart rate helped clear the old shnoz and my muscles were forced to work and pump blood through them.  I was glad to be back.

Afterwards though, I wondered if that was the best idea despite the whole feeling better part that followed.  So curious was I that I headed to the dreaded WebMD.


I know, why go to the place that would frighten you into thinking a stomachache could be an infant alien growing inside you waiting to free itself?   I’m a glutton for psychological torture I guess.  But it did bring up a valid and *gasp* logical standpoint on exercise and sickness.

“Listen to your body.”  Is it telling you you’re too dizzy to run?  Does your fever and pounding headache hint at maybe skipping those weights for a couple of days?  Will you pass out from bending down and just picking up your water bottle?  If yes, you should pass that fitness regime for the day and focus on recovering.  If you’re not suffering from your body imploding on itself, you may be okay.

Alright WebMD, you can have this one.

To sum up, yes sickness and exercise can go hand in hand, but if your body is telling you not today or you may pass out or cause real harm, opt for a lot of liquids and catching up on sleep instead.  Always remember to let your body repair when needed.  What’s the point in a fit body when it’s falling apart?  

Okay, my little update / health rant is done…I’ll go back in my corner and draw some pictures.


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