Betterment of Self Challenge: Update!

Dear Readers,

I started and introduced you to this personal challenge of mine, but I’ve failed to actually show you all my progress.  So, let’s take a brief look back down memory lane…

I started this about two months ago, at around 173 pounds.  I’ve never been athletic, nor had the inclination to be so.  I loved food a little too much without thought for nutrition.  When I wasn’t working or studying for college, I was typically vegging out in front of the TV or doing other non-strenuous activities around the apartment.  Blargh.

This may be when I was a little heavier than 175, but you get the gist.

This may be when I was a little heavier than 175, but you get the gist.

Then BOOM!  Graduated from college, working still part-time at my job and no solid plan for this point in life.  Buh.  There was now too much downtime and it was physically killing me.  I needed change…badly.  So in an effort to spend some of the built-up energy, I started working out.  My roommate convinced me to sign up at a nearby gym a year ago, and had on occasion – RARE occasion – gone.  Since I had so much time on my hands, I begrudgingly started going.  Also, the Almighty Pinterest was throwing around too many fitness pins for me to ignore…damn thing.

I sweat, I wheezed, I felt sore muscles where I’d forgotten muscles were located.  But I kept going.  What else was I going to do?  And I continued to sweat, wheeze and feel sore, but I felt like I accomplished something each time I went.  And it was smart of me, because not only did it start getting easier, but I also started noticing positive results!  I wasn’t as winded anymore because I learned to breathe.  My mood brightened my energy levels rose so that I was motivated to do more things (like create my own studio corner and return to art-making).  Lastly, I was losing weight and getting thinner (what?!).

As always, it’s subtle at first; I noticed my T-shirts got a little baggier, but nothing special.  Then the belt needs tightened an extra notch, okay sure.  Then one day, you just look at yourself in the mirror and go, oh…didn’t I have more chins yesterday?  Confidence booster on that day, let me tell you!

I moment alone at the gym brings out the Superman in me!

I moment alone at the gym brings out the Superman in me!

So two months later, I’m still going at it.  I’ve also a full-time job now, so though I’m not going six days a week anymore, I’m still working out in one way or another four or five days a week.  I’ve only lost about 15 pounds, but I’ve leaned up A LOT!  I’ve replaced more fat with muscle, so though the weight isn’t shedding like I originally thought, I like the direction I’m going.  So the almost obsessive MyFitnessPal entries and tiresome nights at the gym are paying off, and I’m still going strong!  Yay!

There is one downside I’ve come across: the shopping requirement.  Things aren’t quite fitting like they used to, for better or worse.  I can kind of get away with it at home, but it’s business casual at work, so baggy clothing doesn’t really work.  I’ve had to bite the bullet and actually go try on clothing, which really isn’t fun when you HAVE to find things to wear.

Although, happy discovery for me, I’m a size six!

Let's ignore the bad hair day.

Let’s ignore the bad hair day.


Well, almost.  The buttons TECHNICALLY can button up.  While I’m standing.  And holding in the gut.  It counts.





Love you all,


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2 Responses to Betterment of Self Challenge: Update!

  1. Mental Mama says:

    That’s awesome! I have no hope whatsoever of seeing size 6, but I hope to get a little healthier. Just as soon as the semester gets underway and the faculty shut the hell up. 😉

    Congrats though, you look amazing!

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