Images in the Mind Cavity

Dear Readers,

Have any of you, fellow visual beasts or not, gotten an image stuck in your brain that would not go away? It’s concept created after exposure to millions of experiences and images during the great egg timer we call life? No? Yes? Maybe?

Well that is where a lot of my art tends to come about. This little darling popped in my brain a week ago and is finally making it to paper. I’m not sure if it’s from too many episodes of Face Off on SyFy, too much Marvel exposure or the endless fiction books that I read but here it is.


I call it Transformation. I kind of gave up by the time I made it to the core, but I’ll put this in the To-Be-Painted pile. Color and carefully planned brushstrokes might give it just a little more life. It will at least be there for whenever I start painting again.

Love to my lovelies,

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2 Responses to Images in the Mind Cavity

  1. Mental Mama says:

    The detail in her feathers is just amazing. 🙂

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