Lunch Napkin Art Time

Dear Readers,

I’ve really no excuse for the lack of posts, save for the usual: work’s kept me busy, tired by the time I’m home, blah blah blah… Not to mention the same unfinished painting has sat on my cheap-but-reliable easel at home for over month, just waiting to be added to. Even gym has suffered a bit due to being the Overtime Queen for the last month or so. But I’m thinking of adding a new string of posts that I’m hoping will start easing me out of work mode and into Just Nisha mode again. Jazz hands and all.

Since the only consistent break I have each day is lunch, I’m putting that to better use. I’m still stuffing my face mind you but I’ll be doing something a little better than just sifting through Twitter once my gullet is satisfied. I’ll tentatively call it Lunch Napkin Art Time, pending cleverer title. I’ll sketch out something from my surroundings and post it for my lovelies. Not only will I be regularly practicing my drawing skills, I’ll force myself to post more often. I don’t want my blog to get lost in the paper shuffle that is life just quite yet.

Anywho, here’s my premiere piece. The unfortunate victim is a woman multitasking with work and lunch at the same time. Must be a theme for all who work here.

Pardon the rumpled look. It went through the ringer when I was attempting to carry food from register to table.

I’m hoping to keep this to at least once or twice a week if not more. Wish me luck!


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