Corny Crocheting: Sharty Attempt 1

Dear Readers,

Another form of arts/crafts that I started a few years back was crocheting. I tried knitting, but that turned more stressful than relaxing. Turns out I have a better chance trying to control one needle than two.

But it seems I’m a once a year attempter, ironically around this time. I found my last year’s project stuffed deep in a drawer, golden needle stuck through it to hold my place. I think I was attempting a scarf.


At this point I cut my losses and turned it into a very “eclectic” oven pad.

Wish me luck on this year’s attempt. I’m striving for a scarf again. Or at least a prettier oven pad.


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10 Responses to Corny Crocheting: Sharty Attempt 1

  1. I hope your yearly project goes well! I know I had some things like that when I first learned. 🙂

  2. Keep going! Honestly, it’ll suddenly ‘click’, and then soon you’ll be happily addicted….

  3. Ashie says:

    Best of luck with this year’s attempt, it takes a little while to get the hang of things, don’t give up!

  4. Mental Mama says:

    Has anyone introduced you to the time-suck that is Ravelry? There are a ton of beautiful free patterns there that may serve to motivate you. 😉

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