Lunch Napkin Art #3: Path Less Traveled

Dear Readers,

I’ve tried to etch out time during my break to write this three times but one thing or another got in the way. Fourth time can be the charm right?

Anywho, this is part of the view from the garden lunch area of a sidewalk leading around the building to the parking lot or to the Clinic entrance. Originally it was a windy kinda-sorta dreary day but I’m not sure if that even captured in my hasty scribbles.


It’s normally a pretty short albeit secluded walk, with the concrete and glass building on one side and a wooded area on the other. Pretty and whimsical in the day time, terrifying and horror movie-esque after dark, you get the feel. I noticed some time ago though thAt not a lot of people walk along this particular stretch, understandably, since most of the staff are hospital-bound instead of clinic-bound. I’ll admit, I’ve skipped it many a time opting for indoor stairs instead back to work.

But as Fall steadily passes over the country, the weather is treating us now or less to much desired mild weather, soft breezes and sunshine. I should start enjoying it while I can before we move to blistering cold temperatures and gray skies. I’ll make it a priority today (maybe even tomorrow) to enjoy the sun and seventy-something degrees outdoors while I can, at least by walking the hundred or so steps back to work.

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