Hello, there!

Hi there

Hi there!

My name is Tanisha (aka Nisha) and this will be my first real attempt at keeping a blog.  (Exciting? Scary?)  I hope to use this as a an outlet for my wandering thoughts, new artwork, and/or fan obsessions (I’ll pre-apologize to the celebrity community now, just in case).  I’m not here with the intent of networking, though I do welcome new pals.  I’ve been feeling pent-up lately with life as I know it, and I think this could help me.  But, I’ll get to that later; introductios are always good manners when meeting someone new.

I’m twenty-six (yeesh!) and live in the great Midwest.  No that doesn’t mean cornfields and cows (that’s a few miles south, thank you very much!).  Where I’m at I’d like to think there’s great access to cultural diversity, technological advances (we’ve a 3D printer in town!  How COOL is that?!), and vacation getaways (not to brag, but our zoo?  Amazing.  And currently adding a dash of Awesome soon.)

I’m Korean-American, adopted by my parents in ’88 when I was but a babe. (And no, I can’t speak Korean – you’d be surprised how often that is asked).  In general I’m your average American girl, but I take a bit of pride in my Korean heritage, and hope to visit one day.

Uh, let’s see what else…

I love art.  I majored in studio painting, but I love drawing with charcoal as well.  I also liked building my own panel boards for my paintings.  I felt that I was really taking charge of my creation.  Alas, I’m apartment-bound at the moment, so nowhere to store lumber or a miter saw, so that part will have to wait pretty much until I have a garage/workshop of my own. Bucket list!

I also enjoy reading, and dabble in casual writing (English minor); I read a wide range from Internet stories to classics to manga books.  For example, I just finished the manga series, “Tramps Like Us” by Yayoi Ogawa, and am now reading Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.”

Movies, movies, movies!  And plays!  I like them, too.  My movie library is slowing taking on Blockbuster proportions and I’m not even CLOSE to owning all that I want.  I like plays as well – my university puts on stellar performances, and I’m guilty of not attending as many as I should.  I love them so much that I wouldn’t mind trying acting…if it weren’t for that pesky stagefright / introvert condition that I have…but I like to cheer on those who surpassed those.

Oh dear, that’s a lot isn’t it?  Save some for future blogs, Nish!  I’ll leave it here for now.  I’m optimistic that I’ll add a blog close to everyday, since I have a lot to share – varying degrees of importance, but a lot still – I hope for new followers (is that the correct blog lingo?) but if not, cyberspace itself is a welcome friend.  Ta!



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