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Lunch Napkin Art #2: Lovelier with Flowers

Dear readers, Our cafe likes to promote a warm “with-nature” feel as much as possible. The rest of the hospital does the same with a beautiful balance of wood and stone with steel and glass. Very Nebraska. We’ve even a … Continue reading

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Lunch Napkin Art Time

Dear Readers, I’ve really no excuse for the lack of posts, save for the usual: work’s kept me busy, tired by the time I’m home, blah blah blah… Not to mention the same unfinished painting has sat on my cheap-but-reliable … Continue reading

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Images in the Mind Cavity

Dear Readers, Have any of you, fellow visual beasts or not, gotten an image stuck in your brain that would not go away? It’s concept created after exposure to millions of experiences and images during the great egg timer we … Continue reading

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Betterment of Self Challenge: You, Me and the Common Cold

Dear Readers, One thing that I’ve encountered and had to battle is the terrible summer cold. At first I thought it was just an onslaught of allergies from the weather changes, but more and more symptoms pointed to something more … Continue reading

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Art! Finally!

Dear Readers, My high school art teacher told me once that smudging with one’s finger was cheating.  Well, not to snub one at you Mr. T, but it’s not cheating.  At least not with charcoal. One of the small pleasures … Continue reading

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