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Lunch Napkin Art Time

Dear Readers, I’ve really no excuse for the lack of posts, save for the usual: work’s kept me busy, tired by the time I’m home, blah blah blah… Not to mention the same unfinished painting has sat on my cheap-but-reliable … Continue reading

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A Puzzle with Missing Pieces

8/27/14 Dear Readers,   I’m updating you all with a slightly morose/whiny post.  The thought struck me tonight, and I can’t tell if I’m compelled to share it due to this being a repetitive feeling, the exhaustion of 12-plus hour … Continue reading

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Betterment of Self Challenge: Update!

Dear Readers, I started and introduced you to this personal challenge of mine, but I’ve failed to actually show you all my progress.  So, let’s take a brief look back down memory lane… I started this about two months ago, … Continue reading

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Favorite Poetry

Dear Readers, I may still be a little absent here and there until my new job kind of acclimates itself.  Training orientations, accessing new accounts, the whole reporting in the morning thing…it’s a toughy.  But to let you know I … Continue reading

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Betterment of Self Challenge: Update!

Hello dear readers,   I’ve made a small adjustment to my fitness/health challenge.  For nearly two weeks, I hit the gym – or the yoga mat – every single day.  But upon a little research I found that having a … Continue reading

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Late Night Creativity…And Hiddlestoning.

Dear Readers, I find myself rediscovering time and time again that I like to let my creativity run at night, when others are asleep, and that’s including Lucy Cat.  She’s currently curled up on “her” blanket at the foot of … Continue reading

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Betterment of Self Challenge: Day 10

Dear Readers, It’s Day 10 of my fitness and health challenge that I put upon myself, I can see results!  My energy levels are rising, by attitude about myself and the world around me are improving and that all just … Continue reading

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